5 August 2008

Guru Dhyanam

Gururbrhama gururvishNuhu
gururdaevoa maheaSvarah
guru ssaakshaatpara brahma
tsmai Sree guravaenamah

Guruvu (Teacher) is Bhrama guru is Vishnu
guruvu is the maheshwarah
guruvu is the great God himself
we offer our obeisance to you.

Guruvu (Teacher) is revered greatly by us as he is a wealth of knowledge. And by offering our sincere obedience to him we expect to gain knowledge from him.Master or Teacher is the one who would direct us to the path of enlightment, and save us from the darkness of ignorance. Hence Teacher should be given profound honour and respect.

You might remember the common saying

మాత్రు దేవో భవ

పితృ దేవో భవ

ఆచార్య దేవో భవ

There by offering him a position right after our parents.

In hindu mythology Guru Dhrona, of Mahabharatha is considered the best teacher, he taught the Pandav and Kaurava brothers, who became great warriors. Arjuna is considered to be his best and most favorite student, though when people talk about student and teacher relationship always the story of Ekalavya, a tribal boy, and Guru Dhrona comes to mind. Ekalavya venerated Dhrona as his idol, even though Guru Dhrona rejected him as his student Ekalavya learned by worshipping the mere image of Guru Dhrona.

Such is the story of a great teacher and his student.

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