6 August 2008

Common Errors

Now let me tell you how we commit errors in learing language.

As telugu entered the daily life of ordinary man, some words have been changed due to their difficulty in pronounciation.
The errors in words are mainly due to wrong spellings and could be classified thus:

  • 'Hallulu'

  1. Many people write 'Alpapranaksharamulu' instead of 'Mahapranakshramulu' which is wrong. For example : 'Mahapranaakshralu' are mostly found in words that have found their way from 'Sanskrit', amoung these 'dha' and 'bha' are quiet common.Most people today are unable to write these 'Mahapranaksharalu' hence they are replacing them with 'Alpapranaksharaalu' which might make it easy but the beauty of the language is lost. So, even if it is difficult, it is better to lear them as they were intended to be.

  2. Writing 'Mahapranaaksharalu' instead of 'Alpapranaaksharalu' is also wrong. For example:

  3. 'na' instead of 'Na'

  4. 'Na' instead of 'na'

  5. 'va' instead of 'ma'

  6. 'na' instead of 'cha'

  7. 'Sa' instead of 'cha'

  8. 'na' instead of 'Sa'

  9. 'sha' instead of 'Sa'


Anonymous said...

I want to learn Telugu, but I don't even know the first thing. I can try to read your transliterations, but I have no idea if I'm pronouncing it correctly. Could you include a sound bite recording for the list of words in your posts??

బొల్లోజు బాబా said...

ఇమేజ్ ను నొక్కితే పెద్దదవ్వటం లేదు. చదవటానికి ఇబ్బంది గా ఉంది సరిచేయగలరు.

బొల్లోజు బాబా

Telugu Vara Mandi said...

I appericiate the interest but i am not equiped to provide audio right now, but I will try to get it ASAP do visit my blog for further updates. And try reading my post on alphabets it might assist you on the basics