27 March 2013

Happy Holi

On the eve of 'Phalguna poornima' we celebrate the festival of Holi with great joy and happiness. this festival symbolisis the arrival of spring (vasantam) hence we telugu people celebrate this as 'Vasantoatsavam'. Holi is the festival of colour, we bring in twigs and dry wood and burn it on the morning of this day. The ritual owes its to a story about how the evil sister of King Hiranyakasapa being burned at stake.

This day is also revered as Kamuni Pornima. The day before holi is said to be the day when Kama (or Madana, the God of Love) was burned. On the auspicious eve of Pornima Lord Siva granted Rati's prayer and brought back Madana to life but on the condition that only she would be able to see him...
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