23 December 2012

Vaikunta (Mukkoti) Aekadasi

Mukkoti Aekadasi
In the month of 'Pushya' the aekadasi that comes prior to the full moon is considered as the Mukkoti Aekadasi. This is also known as Vaikunta Aekadasi.
On this auspicious Occassion The three crore gods and goddesses of our heavens pay their respects to the Almighty Lord Sriman Narayana. Hence the name Mukkoti Aekadasi. Usually the Northern gates of the temples are closed for people, but only during this day are they kept open for the devotees. Devotees riseup before dawn and after taking a bath and cleansing themselves visit the temples and offer their obscience to the God, as they enter the temple through the northern gates. This Auspicious event is particularly observed in Bhadrachalam and Tirupathi, two major Piligrimage towns of Andhra Pradesh.
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