21 September 2009

Sri Gayatridevi Avataaram

During the dasara 'saranavaraatri' festivies 'tadiya' of the month of 'aaSvayuja' Mother Durga is decorated in the form of Sri Gayatri Devi. She is the mother of all vedas and the creator of all mantras. She radiates in five different colors,illuminates with five heads and is primary in 'Sandhyavandanam'(evening prayer). The power of recieting the 'Gayatri mantra' is enormous. Abrahmin should wear hi 'janjyam' and should definitely reciet the 'Gayatri mantram'. This 'Gayatrimantram' is of two kinds 'laghu gayatri mantram' and 'bruhadgaayatrimantram'. If we perform our daily evening prayers and chant the 'Gayatri mantram' for thousand times we will attain 'vaksudhi'(clarity of speech).
"gaayamtaam rayateetigaayatri"
means Sri Gayatri Devi, saves those who sing as her own. Similarly, 'chamdoagyopanishattu' says 'vaagvaigaayatri' which means what we speak is Gayatri (speech is Gayatri). Hence she is famed as being the essence of all 'mantramulu(mantras), vedamulu(vedas), adhishtanamulu. The brilliance of Gayatri Devi can be summed up inone example, the gayatri mantram has a deep relationship with all the mantras that are in existince. Hence the mantras of these various Dieties are clubbed with the Gayatri mantram and are recited as 'rudragayatri', 'lakshmigayatri', 'vishnugaayatri'. All the offerings to different Deities is first purified using the gayatri mantram and then offered to the respective deities. Such is the importance of Gayatri mantram and such power is attested to Gayatri Devi hence on the occasion 'sarannavaratri' the Godess is adored with five heads and care giving hands, seated on the lotus flower, Come let us worship the mother of vedas as such

oam brahmastrakumDikaahastaam Suddha jyoati svaruupiNeem

sarvatattvamayeem vamdae gaayatreem vaedamaataram

Sree gaayatriidaevataayai namah

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