24 September 2009

Saraswati Dandakam

Click to enlarge.
Reading Saraswati Dandakam before starting of new term of education is auspicious.


yuvasri said...

The JPG of the Sarswathi dandakam is not clearly visible.This is a nice dandakam we don't get any where.Please put it in the text format.

Telugu Vara Mandi said...

please click on the image for a clearer view

sreenu said...

why not give it in the form of pdf ?

it will help us take a print easily.

P.Srinivasa Rao

sreenu said...

please give the dandakam as a pdf with large and clear letters. It will help us a lot.

Telugu Vara Mandi said...

I will try to put it in a .pdf pls visit again in a few days.