14 January 2009

Radam Muggu

Learn how to draw this radam muggu
Sankranti Radam muggu

This one is a simple radam with straight lines, and in the middle we place 'Gobbillu' (balls of cowdung decorated with turmeric, kumkum and flowers)
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swethu said...

I like this Muggu very much. It would be heplful for me if u give the information about how many dots and the pattern of dots.This is ver simple and beautiful.Thankyou.

rocksford said...


i liked it a lot. can u send me some more muggulu for daily purpose to be drawn in front of our house and in front of god

Anonymous said...

nku mee muggu chala baga nachindi edi memu sankranthiki vesthuntamu..
naku enka konni muggulu without dots chepthara daily enti mundara enka devudi mundara veyitaniki plzzzz.....

swathivinnu said...

its very good but pls it will be help full to us if u give us more information abt dots in this radam muggu.
thank u,

Anonymous said...

This is sooo simple and nice.
I will put this muggu tomorrow(on Sankranthi).Thanks for posting this.